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Special Deal!

When you book your wedding receive an engagement session for only $75! If you previously paid for an engagement session at full price I will apply the difference towards the cost of your wedding.


Click on the center image to enlarge, left or right to move.

For more examples please visit my wedding portfolio. The album contains a large number of photos from each wedding. I am proud to post more than just highlights.


A 20% deposit is due to hold the date of your wedding.

A disk of all photos in color is available with all packages at no extra cost, a $100 value!

Wedding Only: $550.00

Unlimited photos of:
before the event (at the ceremony location or at one off-site location) the ceremony and receiving line formal portraits before or after the wedding

Wedding plus Reception: $900.00

Unlimited photos of:
before the event (at the ceremony location or at one off-site location) the ceremony and receiving line formal portraits before or after the wedding reception.

What is your style?

My style is a strong journalistic style where I tell a story. My goal is to capture the event, not just the wedding itself.

As a part of my style I will not step in front of the audience during the ceremony unless explicitly requested to and I will not make someone move just to get a better photo as I feel it is rude to do so. I use flash almost exclusively to produce the brightest, sharpest photos I can and will set up remote lights if required for better lighting during the ceremony or reception unless disallowed by the facility.


Are you the actual photographer who will be shooting on my wedding day? Do you bring an assistant or second photographer?

All photos seen were taken my myself and I will be the only individual taking your photos.


Do you correct your photos?

I do, however I prefer to limit my use of photoshop as each time you touch-up a photo the image loses detail that can not be replaced. Digital correction is a tool, not a replacement for good work. My goal is turn out printable photos straight from my camera 100% of the time and I constantly work to improve myself with this in mind.

Although I will correct obvious color casts, adjust the brightness, and change a photo as necessary, in the end a beige wall will never look white just like a dark room will never be bright. Planning the environemnt for photography is as important as picking out the flowers.


Can I have input on the photos that we want?

I encourage it.

Memory Books

Wedding Memories Book The photo book is rapidly replacing prints as a prefered way to show ones wedding to friends and family. A book can tell a story, the cost is frequently less than the same prints and a single book is easily transported and passed around to friends. Books make great gifts too!

I put together and print wedding books using Picaboo. I do not auto-design the books using pre-designed templates. Instead I lay out each page individually in the software to maximize the design, cropping and flow. The possible number of designs are limitless with a number of price points. To design a book for a wedding I charge the price of the book(s) printed plus $100 per hour with a two hour minimum.

The book to the left is a regency style with a black background and black photo borders.

View More Book Pages

Black and White

Black and white wedding photo I shoot 100% digitaly in color. Black and white done right can hide red faces, lessen the appearance of acne and add a timeless quality to photos. I will provide all photos or a portion in black and white or color-toned black and white for an additional charge. I only manually convert the photos as I have found automated functions return sub-standard results.

The most well known color tone is sepia which which was orginally caused by a chemical process. With modern digitally color toned photos more subtle sepias, colors such as blues, pastels or a faded all-color look is possible. the options are limitless.

Converting every photo received costs a flat $100 or a specific number can be converted at $1 per photo.

Print Pricing for Wedding Packages

I provide printing as an optional service. Included in the cost is delivery to individuals of your choosing.

Each photo comes with a premium lustre coating to give it a sheen and add protection from UV light and fingerprints.

 Printed PhotoPhoto with a
Matte Board Backing

Text in bold is a commonly available frame size. Other sizes may have less variety or require custom framing.

A matte board backing gives each photo additional strength. It is ideal for framed prints but should not be added for photos being put in a photo album.